110 Philosophy Podcast

 with Luanne Cameron

110 Philosophy and the Casual Kindness movement

Episode 1 of the "Casual Kindness" 110 Philosophy Podcast. I am so excited to share what 110 Philosophy is all about, and how it is applicable in todays crazy world. 

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Sneak Peek!

Sneak peek to the new "Casual Kindness" 110 Philosophy Podcast. Playing on a computer near you 2021! 

Why casual kindness is more important now than ever! Be "casually kind to yourself & take a 1:10 PM (110 Philosophy Moment - The time in the day to STOP, reflect, learn and be present!) today and listen in! The future podcasts will help you, entrepreneurs and small businesses across the USA! How? By taking "problems" and help you see them as a challenge which will then lead you to opportunities that are hidden within the challenge.

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