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“The 110 Philosophy is relatable to anything – business, personal life, marriage, work, etc. It’s all so intertwined and impacts the rest. What a great life motto to share with people of all ages and backgrounds. I can certainly see the book being relevant to entrepreneurs, business people, college students, high school students....”

~ Brendan O’Hazo, Franchise Owner of two Aroma Joe’s Coffee

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“The 110 Philosophy is an awesome book! If you are starting a new adventure or need to be energized to keep going to your finish line, this is a great instruction book. Luanne lays out a great structure of how to reduce stress and keep focus on the goal at hand while balancing all the daily challenges. She is an inspiration! She has overcome several challenges that may have stopped most of us from going forward but she used her challenges to grow and stayed focus on her goal! Thank you so much for the courage to share with us.”

~  Brenda Flagg, Brenda Flagg Insurance Agency, Inc, East Syracuse, NY

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“The 110 Philosophy makes yourself a top priority. Luanne gives us tools such
as how to problem solve and process the impact and to do contingency planning
to alleviate our anxieties and worries. This is a model to help live a happier life.
I would recommend this [book] to anyone who is open to learning some new
ways to ultimately deal with tasks at hand which are presented to us every state
of life.”

~ Elizabeth McGrady, Professional Organizer and Life Coach

“This is a very easy to read self-help book that I feel can be used in all areas of
life. Luanne's story in itself gives hope to always look at the ‘glass half full – not
half empty.’ This little book is full of easy to remember guiding principles. I
know it will help me in my daily home and work life.”

~ Pam Varney, Customer Service Representative, Moody’s Collision Centers

“The best part of this book is her inspiring quotes, effective exercises and real-life examples of how she got to her better life/vision. She breaks this problem/challenge into steps: what is the situation at hand, why is it happening, what needs to change and what are the possible solutions to fix it. It made sense and it worked!

~ Jennifer Daruszka, Single Working Mom

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“I have known Luanne both professionally and personally for 15 years, and have always been impressed by her focus and dedication to both her business and what is important in her life overall. Her philosophy of always giving 110% to everything she does is an inspiration! Having worked in her office as an intern, I was especially impressed by the culture she has built of respect, dedication to results, and excellent customer service. I believe Luanne is such a success because she has a clear vision, a focus on her goals, and a discipline to sustain her efforts long-term. I know firsthand that her team and her customers appreciate her 110% commitment to providing a remarkable experience.”

~ Judy Lamoureux, Insurance Agency Field Specialist, Trainer

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