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On track to deliver.... as promised in a very big way!

The book WILL be ready... on its exact meant to be due date 1.10.2020.

This goal/commitment is a personal demonstration of my true GRIT by getting this on the shelf five years after hatching the possible idea to my CIA, Inc team. “I’m going to write a VERY FUN, very short, easy to read but powerful mind change-maker, for all that are tired of getting lost in this wild world with all of the continuous change and bad in the world of today!”

Then, a year later, shortly after my acute illnesses began, my Office Manager, Flora Bayley pulled one from “the book” she held me accountable and here we go! On track to deliver.... as promised in a very big way!

My various diverse teams for several decades now truly embrace The 110 Philosophy.....every day... in the great moments, the not so great moments and the absolutely worse / ugly hair days ever. The 110 Philosophy always allows us to move forward together in a fun and powerful way!!

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